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How did Eat with Ailsa come into being?

I love cooking and I love speaking with people - what could be better than combining these two things?! After being made redundant from my job in the travel industry I have decided to take a more covid-friendly approach and let travelling inspire my cooking instead! 

Do I have experience teaching?

Sort of.. Before I started my career in the travel industry, I lived and worked in a forest teaching children Bushcraft skills such as fire lighting, knife work and rabbit butchery.. Transferable skills or what?!

Am I a professional chef?


No - I am passionate home cook who has spent a lot of time over an extended furlough period cooking away the blues and learning far more about cooking than I ever thought I would. The trickiest part of any new recipe or technique is having the confidence to give it a go - let me show you how easy it can be!

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