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Jordan Trip

Finally - our first trip outside of the UK in 3 years! I couldn’t be happier with our choice of destination as we had a wonderful time in Jordan. We started out in the capital Amman, and made our way in a rental car to Petra, the Wadi Rum desert and the Dead Sea, seeing a few other highlights along the way. The focus of our trip wasn’t specifically food, in fact, in quite a few destinations such as Petra, the options are limited to mainly just hotels as the infrastructure is in place to cater to the needs of all kinds of tourists and aren’t hugely populated by locals. This means that there isn’t always a huge amount of local fare on offer - just what is being served up at the hotel buffet! We got lucky in a few hotels though, and the look of joy on my face below was at the incredible breakfasts we received in Larsa hotel in Amman; the freshly-cooked, pillowy flatbread with the most delicious hummus was quite spectacular.

It was also Ramadan! This meant that we would quite often fill up at the hotel breakfast and this would keep us going until dinnertime (I didn't mind filling up on this).

We also took part in a cooking class at Beit Sitti in Amman - I had a great time with the role reversal and being a student. We made Maaloubeh, Mutabal and Farmer's Salad.

One of our favourite things that we tried in a hotel was a dessert called Um Ali - it is Egyptian in originated not dissimilar to a bread pudding. I didn’t think to take a picture at the time, but we recreated it when we got home:

Our last night was back in Amman and this gave us an opportunity to experience more food outside of the hotel. We got falafel from the downtown area which came alive after sunset for Iftar. This was my favourite meal of the whole trip (and so cheap!!)

And finally - probably my single favourite thing we ate the entire trip - Knafeh! I’ve seen this on TV and social media loads but never had the opportunity to taste it before. Knafeh is made from thin pastry strips, cheese, pistachios and a sweet syrup. It was worth the wait!

If you are interested in our itinerary or have any questions at all about visiting Jordan - please get in touch!


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