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New Zealand Trip

Those of you who follow me on instagram will know in meticulous detail just how challenging the journey was for me to get to NZ! ‘Weird vibrations in the back of the plane’ was not a reassuring assessment to hear on the first leg of a many legged venture overseas. A quick (8 hour) pitstop in Iquiluit (look it up if you want a giggle at my expense), and I was on my way to San Francisco. Having missed multiple connections at this point, I wasn’t thrilled to find that my alternative arrangement involved a jaunt to Australia - flying past my original destination and another 6 hour layover. When I eventually did arrive in the correct country it was just one final layover and one missing bag later and I had made it to Queenstown! 88 hours all in, would not recommend.

Was it worth it? It blooming well was. I’m not going to say that Fergburger alone was worth the journey but it certainly helped motivate me to fight the jetlag on my arrival day.

Fergburger has won multiple awards and accolades claiming it to be one of the best burgers and so expectations were high on this one and I was relieved to not be disappointed.

I did a horrible job of documenting my culinary exploits on this trip but the food highlight was most definitely a Ceviche which we had in Abel Tasman.

The actual highlight of the holiday has to be getting engaged at Lake Tekapo *awww*.

Back to the food!! I celebrated the next morning with this delightful breakfast of a smoked salmon bagel and hash browns - now why is serving hash browns on the side of bagels not standard practice?!


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