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We've Moved.. Again

It’s been quite the pandemic for myself and my partner Chris. We started out last March in Bristol, about to move from a flat to a house to afford us more space to live and made the decision instead to move in with Chris’ parents in Northern Ireland. We were very lucky to be able to stay there for a long period of lockdown. It was there that I was able to test numerous recipes on very willing guinea pigs (thank you Mary, Lawrence, Laura, Kieran)!

Last Christmas we moved to Aberdeen for a brief stint with my parents (also very willing guinea pigs), acquiring our wonderful dog Spots in the move. The stay in Aberdeen was short but sweet before moving into a flat that conveniently opened up in Lossiemouth. We were in Lossiemouth for a number of months, staying by the seaside and looking after my Granny - it was an emotional time but one I will remember for the rest of my life. Chris now has a new job and whilst we were sad to leave Lossiemouth, we are both excited at the prospect of a new start in Andover (south of England).

It’s strange agreeing to move somewhere you literally had to google to know where it was - but here we are, ready to make the most of it. This house has a GARDEN, a much bigger kitchen (from the wrong decade but oh well) and there’s a perfect spot on the kitchen floor for food photography. Hopefully that’s the road trip of the UK over for now (we’re just sad we missed out Wales).


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