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What does the future hold?

This is a question I am being asked more and more as we approach a position in the UK where it looks like lockdown may actually come to an end at some point. A double edged sword for me perhaps, where the thing we have all been waiting for may mean the end of something that has kept me going through these difficult times. I have chosen not to look at it this way.

I hate cliches more than the next person but I am going to resort to more than one of them here to explain how I feel about this last year and the years to come. Pressure creates diamonds, and if it were not for this horrible situation we have all found ourselves in, I would not be running the business I am so passionate about now. I plan to keep a positive attitude and fully intend to continue running online classes, courses and group nights.

I believe there is real value in learning new cooking skills online - once you have made a dish in your own kitchen, it is a lot more likely that you will make it again and again. Learning online allows you to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to and it is accessible to all (or most..!).

Looking to the future, future - as in, a long way away, I aspire to be able to offer in person cooking classes. In researching this possibility, however, I have realised how exclusive this becomes in terms of who can take part and so continue to be thankful for the opportunities that have been opened up through a collective appreciation for online communication. As much as we may all have acquired some sort of Zoom fatigue, I do think it will remain relevant in post-lockdown days. I for one, have seen far more of some of my friends online than I would have seen in person or otherwise before the pandemic! I do plan to add more strings to my bow (watch this space) but for now, I am just grateful for everyone who has been involved up to this point.

So there you go - a bit of a ramble about where I am and what’s to come.. Safe to say - for now, I’m not going anywhere. ✌️

I'll leave you here with a picture of me in my happy place - in my Oodie with my favourite dog and my favourite beer.


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