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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: Mandalay

By Mimi Aye

I adore this book - I wasn’t very familiar with Burmese food before researching for a class, and this book was my main inspiration. The flavours are very distinct throughout and the recipes and relatively easy to follow. My only note would be to tone down usage of shrimp paste throughout - for palates that aren’t as accustomed to it, the amount used in these recipes is quite full on.

Favourite recipe: Yangon Chickpea Fritters - I use this recipe in my Burmese cooking class. These fritters are a delicious side dish or starter - best served with a tamarind dipping sauce.

Best for beginners: Braised Butter Beans - This is a wonderfully simple recipe for a flavourful side dish using my favourite of all the beans - butter beans!

I’m looking forward to trying: Hand-tossed Rainbow Salad - The salad looks so colourful and fresh - perfect for the weather at the moment!



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