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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: Mamushka

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

By Olia Hercules

Given the global situation, I thought I would recommend Mamushka by the Ukrainian cookbook author Olia Hercules. If you have enjoyed my previous ft. countries: Georgia, Poland and Hungary then this book should definitely be of interest to you. Ukraine makes the most of these culinary influences and is home to a vibrant cuisine which is brought to life in this book. Not only are the recipes accessible and delicious, the writing in it is stunning.

This was Olia’s first book and was actually written around the time of the Crimea annexation. In response to the situation, she states that she started ‘frantically documenting the recipes that I was so scared I might suddenly lose.’

Favourite recipe: Honey Cake - the sweetness from honey and savoury from soured cream is a match made in heaven. Ideal for an afternoon tea!

Best for beginners: Spicy Beef Soup - this recipe is super simple but it packs a kick with chilli heat.

I’m looking forward to trying: Moldovan Giant Cheese Twist - this doesn’t need much explaining does it?!



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