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*NEW* Recommended Cook Book of the Month: Falastin

By Sami Tamimi & Tara Wigley

This book is such a treat - written by two members of the Ottolenghi test kitchen, this book embodies everything that is great about Ottolenghi, with shorter ingredient lists. If you are interested making your own Middle Eastern food* then this is such a good place to start. - Favourite recipe: Pulled Lamb Shawarma OR Chicken Shawarma Pie - Best for beginners: Scrambled Red Shakshuka - I’m looking forward to trying: Spiced Za’atar Squid with Tomato Salsa * the authors make a very valid point that describing anything as ‘Middle Eastern Food’ is like calling something ‘European Food’ - it doesn’t do justice to the individual regions. The name of the book signifies this book’s exploration into Palastinian cuisine.



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