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Recommended Cook Book of the Month: Nadiya's British Food Adventure

By Nadiya Hussain

Who didn’t fall in love with Nadiya when she first appeared on our screens in the Bake Off? She’s wonderful to watch on TV and her books are such a pleasure to read. Her recipes are always written with a busy person in mind - simple, easy to make, easier to eat, delicious food. If you want a recipe book filled with staples you will go back to again and again - I can’t recommend it enough. In this book she takes British classics and improves them, making them just that bit more exciting.

- Favourite recipe: Beef Wellington with Fennel & Mint Salad (I personally haven’t made this but my lovely partner Chris made it as a treat for us both on our anniversary and it was OUTSTANDING).

- Best for beginners: All of them - it’s a great book for beginners. I can’t count how many times I’ve made the Spiced Bean & Banger Stew because it’s so easy and crowd pleasing.

- I’m looking forward to trying: Popcorn Mussels with Paprike Chive Mayo



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