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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: Cook, Eat, Repeat

By Nigella Lawson

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this is my first Nigella book but I am delighted to report that I love it. The lack of pomp and the passion for eating is something that I can relate to and very much admire. There is a time and a place for staying traditional and authentic and then there is a time and place for Nigella. When you cook from this book, you acknowledge that it will be indulgent and then enjoy without judgement.

- Favourite recipe: Oxtail Bourguignon - When I made this it was my first time using oxtail and it will not be the last. A hearty, delicious stew.

- Best for beginners: Tahini Banana Bread - This is a crowd pleaser and delightfully simple.

- I’m looking forward to trying: Norwegian Pork Ribs - My mouth waters reading the description for this but I may wait until Christmas time for this one, as suggested in the book!