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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: Root

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

By Rob Howell

I received this from Santa this year after it had caught my eye at a friend’s house. Root is a small restaurant in Bristol at the Wapping Wharf containers, and whilst I am not usually a fan of restaurant cookbooks, a quick flick through the pages had impressed me enough to convince me to give it a go. This book places the greatest importance on vegetables, with the meat treated more as a side - an approach to cooking I am becoming more and more fond of. Although not basic, the recipes are certainly simple enough that any amatuer cook could give them a go.

Favourite recipe: Hasselback Parnsips with Honey Mustard Mayonnaise - I wasn’t sure if the faff of hasselbacking the parsnips would pay off but I was seriously impressed with the end result. This would be a great accompaniment to any roast dinner.

Best for beginners: Roast Cod with Gem Lettuce and Hazlenut dressing - This dish looks complicated but it is very achievable. Like all fish cookery, it just comes down to timing - get everything ready in advance and this will be a doddle!

I’m looking forward to trying: Fried Duck Egg on Beef Dripping Toast with Ox Tongue Sauce - This sounds like a meal for a serious foodie.. I’ve only had ox tongue a couple of times and can’t wait to try cooking with it myself!



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