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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: Simply

By Sabrina Gahyour

If you’ve ever picked up Ottolenghi’s ‘Simple’ and scoffed at the idea of the self-proclaimed ‘simplicity’ - this is the book for you.

Ottolenghi’s ‘Simple’ is simple for Ottolenghi. Ghayour’s ‘Simply’ however, is just that - the recipes are short, uncomplicated and delightful. I don’t think I’ve attempted a single recipe from this book that wouldn’t serve as a very achievable weeknight dinner. If, like me, you are a fan of Nadiya Hussein’s no fuss attitude to cooking, then you will be equally impressed with Sabrina Gahyour. The recipes in the book are largely Middle Eastern inspired, reflective of Ghayour’s Iranian heritage.

Favourite recipe: Silk Road-style Lamb & Cumin pasta - this dish caused a serious flavour lightbulb moment for me. Lamb and cumin in combination are sheer perfection.This recipe is super simple and very, very tasty.

Best for beginners: Sticky Harissa, Sesame & Pistachio Chicken - this recipe provides a solution to making chicken breasts interesting and delicious in less than 15 minutes. What a winner.

I’m looking forward to trying: Pistachio, Lemon & Rosemary Cake - I haven’t tried any of the desserts from this book yet and so am intrigued how they will fare against the savoury dishes. I like the sound of this cake precisely because it sounds quite savoury.