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Recommended Cookbook of the Month: The Vietnamese Market Cookbook

By Van Tran & Anh Vu

This book is a great introduction to Vietnamese cooking. I love the recipes throughout, but more than anything, I love the feel for Vietnamese cooking that it manages to convey. The book is split into 4 parts - ‘Sweetness & Happiness’, ‘Sourness & Change’, ‘Bitterness & Perspective’ and ‘Saltiness & Healing’. Each section is then further broken down into ‘Everyday Cooking’, ‘Festive Cooking’ and ‘Social Cooking’. This format allows you to pick a primary flavour and pair that with the occasion!

Favourite recipe: Imperial BBQ Pork - This pork recipe is delicious and versatile - it makes a great base for Banh Mi or with a noodle salad.

Best for beginners: Summer rolls - Summer rolls are so easy and fun to make - great for doing as part of a group or even for making with children.

I’m looking forward to trying: Rhubarb & Okra Sweet & Sour Soup - This sounds like such an unusual combination that I would love to have a go at!



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